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По умолчанию M.Y. Project - Darker By Light (PSMREC027) - Free Release

Artist: M.Y. Project
Title: Darker By Light
Label: Psymoon-Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Released date: 16.12.2013
Format: All
Lenght: 2h 08m 28s

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

Psymoon Records is proud to present:
M.Y. Project - Darker By Light

About Release:

Darker By Light talks about the experience of many of the most
advanced minds in the human kind, who have been tarnished by the system
(politic, culture, people). One of the greatest sicknesses in the human
history is christianity in the hands of the Catholic church, the inquisition
and nowadays their power as they do not give education and healthcare to poorer
countries in this planet. Because this reason, among many others, some brilliant
souls have been talking and "acting" to change this kind of injustice in the world.
This is exactly same history as in christian mythology about the best of the angels
who did not agree with the way the "god" was acting against human kind, only looking
for adoration, tribute, and sacrifices. When the best of the angels, called Luzbell
(the holy or beautiful light), was questioning the rules of the "god" called Jehova,
that god gave a kingdom of doom to the best of his angels. In this way, Luzbell is
doomed to live in Hell forever with all the beings who do not agree with the politics
and fetishes of that god. In the same way nowadays anyone who is against politics or
economy is doomed to "Hell", living poor, in jail, stigmatized as fools or murdered,
as Ghandi, Socrates and many others. But, even if the system and fake gods and leaders
are working hard to control and manipulate the minds of the humankind and punishing
everyone who is not following the "RULES" and is a bit awake, many stronger spirits
can and will keep fighting for what is correct. The big question for everyone who has
the eyes open is "ok, but what can we do?", and the response is very easy. The change
happens first in yourself, and after in others. Simple stuff as being vegetarian can
really change absolutely the point of view of every person in a much more deeper level,
based on the question "Why I have the right to use animals as entertainment or food"?
"Is it necessary anymore as the planet earth and markets have many other different
alternatives without blood"?......

More info about release:
M.Y. Project - Darker By Light


1) M.Y. Project - Supreme Divinity 13:48 (150bpm)
2) M.Y. Project - Calling To Parvati 06:52 (148bpm)
3) M.Y. Project - Choose Your Destiny 09:50 (149-160-149bpm)
4) M.Y. Project - Vals Of Renegades 09:53 (149bpm)
5) M.Y. Project - Shamanic Medicine 10:09 (148bpm)
6) M.Y. Project - Revolution 11:12 (148bpm)
7) M.Y. Project - Apollo Flies 12:59 (150bpm)
8) M.Y. Project - Activated 11:04 (149bpm)
9) M.Y. Project - Liquid Night 2 09:02 (150bpm)
10) M.Y. Project - Darker By Light 11:46 (150bpm)
11) M.Y. Project - The Traveller 09:46 (148bpm)
12) M.Y. Project - Cerebronium 12:00 (150bpm)

More info about Artist

Mastering and Atwork by M.Y. Project:

Preview and free download in wav and mp3 file:
M.Y. Project - Darker By Light

Released by Psymoon-Records

Web: http://www.psymoon-records.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PsymoonRecords
Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/psymoonrecords
Twitter: http://twitter.com/PsymoonRecords
E-mail: info@psymoon-records.com
Artist Manager: artist-manager@psymoon-records.com
Organize Manager: organizing-manager@psymoon-records.com
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